Cardona + Salt Mountain Shore Excursion Tour

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Cardona + Salt Mountain Shore Excursion Tour

Trip into the depths of Catalonia to visit 'The Salt Mountain’ and travel back in time into the impregnable medieval town of Cardona.

Located in the heart of Catalonia, 100 km from Barcelona, in CARDONAyou can feel the weight of history in its streets and on the stones of its buildings, but also in its particular natural environment, which has determined the way of life of its people and their culture.

Our expert guide will pick you up at your hotel in private transport to comfortably reach this historic town. Here you will introduce into one of the most important salt deposits in the world, the called SALT MOUNTAIN. After, with our guide you will walk through the streets and squares of an authentic Catalan medieval village to finally visit the impregnable CASTLE OF CARDONA.

The natural environment in which is located Cardona is one of the most particular of our geography: south of the town is the astonished SALINE VALLEY OF CARDONA, open pit exploited since Neolithic times. This depression in the ground, elongated - ellipse shaped, has unique natural features in the world that have made it worthy of inclusion in the Plan for Areas of Natural Interest in Catalonia.
Here was opened, from 1929 to 1990, which was once one of the most important salt mines of the planet. Today the area has been adapted and transformed into the Salt Mountain Cultural Park:
Its visit will allow us to know the museum area, located outdoors in the old mineshaft 'Maria Teresa', which tells the story of the industrial exploitation of the Valley. Next, you will do a guided tour 86m deep: inside the Salt Mountain galleries, you will admire the curious images produced by the various colorful folds and seams, and the creation of incredible stalactites and stalagmites formations.

After this trip to this millenarian natural site, you will visit the historic center of Cardona, flanked by Romanesque and Gothic buildings, while our specialized guide provides the most exciting legends and chronicles occurred in this enclave. In Cardona, the traces of its past discover the strong and brave character of its population :
Cardona has experienced some of the most important episodes in our history and walking through its streets and visiting the castle-fortress is like traveling ten centuries back in time. CASTLE OF CARDONA is one of the best preserved medieval Spain historic areas. In 1714, during the War of Spanish Succession, was a real impregnable fortress and later even its citadel could not be taken by the redoubtable Napoleon.

If you want to discover real hidden treasures of Catalonia’s geography, history and architecture, choose this unique tour to Cardona.

Tour Highlights

  • Salt Mountain Cultural Park: the valley of salt is 1,800m long by 600m wide and has an area of 100ha. Besides the amazing pictures of the valley and the old mine galleries of the Salt Mountain, you can also see the machinery of mineral extraction as well, as it was when it was fully operational. Learn about the history of the exploitation of salt, the geology, the mineralogy and botany of this Area of Natural Interest in an entertaining way.
  • Cardona medieval village: although testimonies of Iberian remains have been found, always linked to the richness of the Saline Valley, the origins of Cardona are related to its Castle, from IX century. The village, which grew from the fortification, is today incredible well-preserved. Besides the medieval charming of its streets and squares, you will also find examples of Gothic and Romanesque churches, chapels and civilian architecture.
  • Cardona Castle: at the top of a mountain, its geographical location responds to the need to defend the access to the salt mines and to its privileged view of the Cardener’s river valley. It was, from the XI to the XV century, the residence of the lords of Cardona - one of the most important noble lineages of the country. The need to defend the exploitation of salt made the castle an impregnable fortification in the various sieges suffered throughout its history.

Tour Duration: 8H - Full day

Group: Max.10 persons

  • Professional guide
  • Travel by Minivan
  • Walking tour medieval town of Cardona.
  • Entrance and visit Cardona Castle
  • Entrance and visit Salt Mountain Cultural Park

Cardona from Barcelona

Available all the year, not 25-26 December, 1st January

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