Tarragona shore Excursion - Half Day

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Tarragona shore Excursion - Half Day

Relive the glorious Roman past in the capital of ancient Spain, the coastal town of Tarragona.

If you are interested in diving in the history of our past, move back to the ages of Imperial Rome visiting the ancient capital of the ‘Hispania Citerior’, one of the three provinces that formed the Iberian Peninsula about two thousand years ago.
Our expert guide will pick you up in a comfortable minivan and will assist you on this journey back in time to the great TARRACO, to remember the times when gladiators, centurions and emperors wrote the mythical and bloody history of the Roman Empire.

TARRAGONA is located 100 km south of Barcelona, ​​on the Costa Dorada – formed of sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. In its streets houses one of the most important and best preserved Roman archaeological sites in Spain, being declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000.

With our guide we head from Barcelona to reach this historic scenery, making a first stop in one of the entrances of the old ‘Tarraco’. Here we will admire the impressive AQÜEDUCTE DE LES FERRERES– a Roman Aqueduct. Also called 'The Devil’s Bridge', this structure- 217m long and 26m high- is a spectacular example of the Roman advanced engineering and a small sample of what we are going to live immediately after.

Already in Tarragona, we propose a walking tour where you will discover the many still preserved remains of this civilization, while our guide provides their most exciting stories:

You will be able to explore the ANCIENT WALLS surrounding the city and get immersed into one of the best preserved CIRCUSES in Europe, hidden under building structures from nineteenth century.
You will see as the traces of the ancient ROMAN FORUM live in the present with the medieval and modern Tarragona and how this part of the city remains -2000 years later - the center of its activity.
Finally, you will be amazed at the ruins of the AMPHITHEATER, located on the shore of the Mediterranean since the second century and where bloody battles between gladiators were exhibited.

Among other things, Tarraco was an important site thanks to its privileged location on the sea. This tour ends in the so called BALCONY OF THE MEDITERRANEAN, a terrace from where you can enjoy the most beautiful views of the beach and the ocean, eternal backdrop of this town steeped in history.

Tour Highlights

  • Aqueduct Ferreres:
    the Devil’s Bridge originally ran about 15 km of territory to supply the city with water. Today it is one of the most spectacular and barely unknown samples of Roman engineering legacy in Catalunya.
  • Roman Forum Tarragona:
    the center of the town is still currently located where 2000 years ago started. In this area you can explore not only the traces of Roman architecture, also the medieval past or modern Tarragona, of which buildings stands the Cathedral (fourteenth century).
  • Roman Amphitheatre:
    Visit the ruins of the amphitheater, idyllically located by the sea. You can relive the bloodiest episodes of ancient Rome, in the scenario where gladiators fought for their lives.

Tour Duration: 4/5 Hours Half day

Group: Max.10 persons

  • Pick up and drop off anywhere
  • mini-van transport
  • expert tour guide
  • Entrance to the different sites

Tarragona from Barcelona

Available all the year, not 25-26 December, 1st January


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